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Attack of the Tables

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I had a dream about filming a movie. The director was really fancy and liked to show off, so when he was assigning wardrobes to people, the wardrobe person brought in hundreds of supermodels wearing the clothing and asked people to pick out the clothing they wanted to wear for the scene. The supermodels formed single-file “trains” that moved around the large building like a battalion of centipedes, and the director walked with me to pick the outfit I wanted. I chose some grey cargo pants.

Next came the propmaster, who had a similar system to show off the props for the scene, except instead of supermodels holding the props, the props were on tables that moved around in similar “train” formations. Soon there were hundreds of tables of varying sizes snaking around the large room. They didn’t even have wheels, they just floated around like air hockey pucks.

But the system was new and unstable, and one of the prop tables went crooked and caused a traffic collision with another train of tables. Within seconds the entire room was swarming with crazed tables, sending everyone into a panic. Everyone ran for the exits but couldn’t make it past the furniture.  I soon found myself cornered by a few dozen of them, but when we all realized that these tables had no real weight behind them and could easily shove them away, everyone started having a great time. It was like the tables were big, harmless animals that chased people around and dumped little props all over the place.

Everyone except the director and the propmaster was laughing. The propmaster was trying to put the tables under control with his remote control, which wasn’t working, with the director screaming in his ear. I found myself crawling underneath a huge congestion of tables and heard people running around on top. It was a blast and I may have laughed in my sleep.

This could make a fun ending to a movie, where the main character is crawling under the tables looking for the girl, while she’s running around on top looking for him. The villain would be the director, who is ruined now that he can’t finish his movie due to these insane, moving tables.

Written by xout

July 15, 2010 at 12:27 pm

Posted in experience, filmmaking

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