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Pre-op trannies have a disorder?

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Pre-op trannies are officially “disabled”

In a 2007 interview with The Associated Press, O’Donnabhain said she underwent gender-reassignment surgery at age 57, after a tormented existence as a father, husband, Coast Guardsman, and construction worker.

She wrote off the $25,000 in medical expenses on her taxes, but the IRS disallowed the deduction, saying the procedure was not a medical necessity.

O’Donnabhain, now 65, said she brought the lawsuit in an attempt to force the IRS to treat sex-change surgeries the same as appendectomies, heart surgeries, and other deductible medical procedures.

“It is not OK for them to do this to me or anyone like me,’’ she said.

O’Donnabhain’s lawyers argued that because gender-identity disorder is a recognized mental disorder that is generally treated with hormones and surgery, the costs are legitimate medical deductions.

It’s strange how we come up with criteria that constitute a disorder. Apparently personal affiliation with the opposite sex for two years is adequate to diagnose someone with GID:

In the United States, the American Psychiatric Association permits a diagnosis of gender identity disorder if four diagnostic criteria in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4thEdition, Text-Revised (DSM-IV-TR) are met. The criteria are:

  • Long-standing and strong identification with another gender
  • Long-standing disquiet about the sex assigned or a sense of incongruity in the gender-assigned role of that sex
  • The diagnosis is not made if the individual also has physical intersex characteristics.
  • Significant clinical discomfort or impairment at work, social situations, or other important life areas.

I know a woman who considers herself a “tomboy”, which suggests incongruence with gender, and suffers from imparement in social situations due to her gender, primarily because she’s awkward wearing gender-assigned clothing around men. Many women feel the same, I would assume. Wouldn’t this also be considered GID disorder? Probably not. No woman would accept it as a disorder. This woman calls it “feminism”. More evidence of our supremely limited knowledge of gender and sex.

Written by xout

February 3, 2010 at 6:40 pm

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